The Mission of Medical Access is to change the way medical care is delivered in every community in America. Every community deserves a fair, open, and efficient medical system for its residents. Medical Access provides an organization with a platform for affordable, high quality, direct primary care for everyone.  This community controlled system eliminates paperwork, fraud, and barriers to care.

Insurance companies serve no purpose in this system and are not included. This system runs parallel to the old system and allows everyone to get care. No legislation is required and this process can be started now!  This idea saves money for physicians and every part of the community medical system.

Primary physicians run their own direct primary care system based on high quality care, range of services, and patient satisfaction. Every patient gets more care with  less cost. Patients have “ease of access” to their personal physician and his staff with a simplified system that includes no billing, coding, or collections. Personal help is provided for each patient by the physician and his staff in the most convenient safest way possible for each problem without co-pays or other “barriers to care”.

Medical Access for America and our partner group, Community MedPAC on Linkedin.com, have been created to change the way medicine is delivered in every town and city in America. Medical Access for America will provide a platform for affordable high quality medical care for everyone.

Our Beliefs and Values

We believe that everybody has a right to have access to medical care. Nobody should ever be denied access to care. Only physicians (MDs) should be allowed to dictate patient care not a third-party.

Our values are defined as:

  • Accountability – taking responsibility for our actions and decisions
  • Advocacy – advocate for social change and acting in ways that promote respect for all people
  • Collaboration – working together with people who support common values and vision in order to achieve shared goals
  • Excellence – exceeding expectations through hard work, teamwork, and innovation
  • Respect – treating everybody with the integrity that they deserve