Medical Access Direct Primary Care

The Primary Care Crisis. Many physicians – previously thriving in independent practice – are considering hospital-based practice or leaving primary care practice altogether.

Increases in overhead. Decreasing levels of reimbursement. Changes in coverage. Never-ending paperwork. Being told how to practice medicine by health insurance companies. ALL are contributing to the sense of disillusionment felt by many primary care physicians (pediatrician, internist, family practitioner). It is becoming more apparent that the current model of providing healthcare is not working! We need to return the focus of healthcare to the doctor-patient relationship as the foundation of our healthcare system.

What is Medical Access USA?

Founded and incorporated by a general internist along with a group of like-minded business professionals. We manage the implementation of direct primary care health networks that are designed to give physicians 100% reimbursement for their fees for medical care and grant full access to medical care to all patients. We provide a whole new approach to paying physicians for healthcare. Our system is honest and transparent and gives the control of medical care back to the patient and physician. The doctor-patient relationship is again held sacred and not disturbed and dictated by any third-party entities (i.e. health insurance companies).

We specifically: provide full access to medical care for all patients, eliminate overhead expenses associated with medical billing, coding, and collections, eliminate account receivables (A/R), eliminate unnecessary paperwork. In short- this allows primary care physicians to focus directly on the doctor-patient relationship rather than the doctor-billing (insurance company) relationship.

Local Medical Access Direct Primary Care Community Foundations

The Medical Access program is based upon a group of local Foundations, each of which is responsible for medical care in their own community. We believe that the person best qualified to ensure the highest quality medical care for local communities are physicians and other leaders of the local community. The Medical Access System is an efficient, community-based mini-medical system designed to provide the framework for delivery of excellent medical care for all Americans in every community. A local medical foundation will be established for each community by hospital boards, community physician groups, and local citizens within the community. A Board of Directors – appointed from the community – controls each community foundation. Each board will be composed of medical professionals (pediatrician, internist, family practitioner, etc), from the hospital, the community physicians and prominent community members.