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A happier, healthier life starts with physicians who put your needs first. At Medical Access USA we’ve created an approach to direct primary care that’s a refreshing change from a typical doctor’s office. Above all, we believe that health care should be personal, accessible and affordable. From the way you make your appointment to the ease with which you can follow up with your doctor, we’ve rethought everything—and ensured that you and your needs always come first.

Medical Access USA has been created to change the way medicine is delivered in America. The Medical Access System was developed to bring control of the medical delivery system back to the community and to the practicing physicians. The system provides direct primary care to all residents of any community by providing a platform for excellent medical care that is less expensive and provides full access for everyone.

The system pays physicians directly on a monthly basis for their vigilance, availability and excellent medical care. There is no billing or coding for primary care physicians. Medical consultation are available after hours (via telemedicine – camera on your smart phone or computer) there are no co-payments or limits on visits, and patients can save (80%) or more on lab tests and prescriptions.


If you are a physician seeking better reimbursement and wish to improve your practice’s cash flow, please fill out the form on the right or call 615-669-8347  to learn more. 

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