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Take a look at what Medical Access USA can offer you as a Physician


Physicians can now receive higher reimbursement for the services that they provide thanks to Medical Access USA’s direct pay system. It is an honest and transparent system that gives the control of medical care back to the patient and physician. The doctor-patient relationship is again held sacred and is therefore not disrupted and dictated by third-party entities (i.e. insurance companies and Medicare).

Today’s primary care physician (pediatrician, internist, family practitioner) is facing multiple challenges. Decreasing reimbursement from insurance companies and Medicare, increasing regulations, excessive paperwork, and rising overhead expenses (malpractice insurance, billing, coding, collections, EMR / EHR systems) are challenges that are threatening the doctor-patient relationship.



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  • Paid at beginning of each month on a per patient per month basis
  • No billing or coding, account receivables eliminated
  • No third-party (i.e. insurance company) dictating patient care
  • Payment for phone advice (telemedicine)
  • Reduces overhead expenses by 30%+


  • Physicians paid on a per member per month basis
  • Removes all the expenses for coding and billing
  • Eliminates account receivables (AR), collections, and speeds up the revenue cycle
  • Reduced paperwork
  • No interference from insurance companies
  • Continuous cash flow (revenue stream)
  • Reduces overhead expenses by 30%+


  • Payment for phone advise and  telemedicine consultations with patients
  • Reduces overhead expenses by 30%+


Medical Access helps your medical  practice reach its fullest financial potential!
To see just how Medical Access USA helps to improve your medical practice’s bottom line, please take a look at our practice proforma by viewing our Physician Proforma  .


Here are some of the most FAQ we get


FAQ. This section offers answers to our most  frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you do not see what you are looking for, please click Here

Q.  What is Medical Access USA?

A.  Medical Access USA was created to change the way healthcare is delivered in America. We specifically manage  the implementation of direct primary care health networks that are designed to give physicians 100% reimbursement for their fees for medical care and grant full access to medical care. This is done by establishing direct pay (payment made directly to physician, no insurance company involvement) medical practices  in local communities where patients can get direct and complete access to primary care physicians (pediatricians, internists, and family practitioners), gynecologists, and to other medical specialists.

 Q. Is this health insurance?

A.  No. This is not health insurance. Patients in our program pay their physician directly and up front (on a monthly basis) for services. By paying your physician directly, you are able to get better care and  access to your physician than you would with traditional insurance.


Q.  I am a patient. Why should I join Medical Access USA?

A.   You should join Medical Access USA if you are looking for complete access to affordable medical care. Benefits of joining include:

  • Full access to medical care (never denied access to care), no barriers to care – care not dictated by  insurance companies, protects the doctor-patient relationship
  • More time spent with your physician – unhurried appointments
  • 24/7 access (e-mail, phone, fax) to your physician
  • No co-pays or deductibles
  • No limits on visits (great for if you have a chronic condition)
  • No pre-authorizationsYou can join by asking your primary care physician to enroll you directly into our program. To see how a family of five saved 56% on their healthcare costs, click Here . For more information on the program, please click Here .


Q.  I am a physician. Why should I join Medical Access USA?

A.  You should join Medical Access USA if you are looking to improve the overall financial “health” of your practice. Benefits of joining include:

  • Enhanced reimbursement – a continuous revenue stream (paid directly by patients on a per member per month basis)
  • No insurance companies telling you how to practice medicine and which patients you are allowed to treat
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Eliminates the need for billing and coding, and  eliminates account receivables (collections / profit recovery assistance unnecessary).
  • Reduces overhead costs by 30%+To see just how your practice will benefit financially from being apart of our program, please click Here . For more information on the benefits you can receive by being apart of our program, please click Here .


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