TalkMD-live Options



  • Face-to-Face live HIPAA compliance secure video conferencing

–Provide high definition video between the patient and up to 5 other participants

–Built in customizable templates to document each F@F visit as it happens

–Control their own patients.  No more donating hard to acquire patients into an unknown network of other telemedicine physicians

  • Chronic Care Monitoring Service

–Device capable of monitoring 12 different morbidities to include

  • Hypertension, Diabetes, Congestive heart failure, Medication management

–Two devices an be sold and implemented to allow urgent care patients tools to provide physicians important diagnostic data.

  • All EHR compatible

  • 24/7 customer service

  • Ability to become part of our network of physicians

  • Ability for Patients to have access to a large groups of hard to find specialists who can review cases and provide immediate response

  • Ability for Dr.’s to earn additional revenue by joining our specialist network.

 Medical Access Pricing


  • TalkMD-live will provide a monthly subscription rate of $39 per physician enrolled per month.

–Annual Subscription Can be purchased for $400 payable in advance.

  • A Medical Access Physician can use the F2F component for unlimited use only for medical access patients, only if the patient has been enrolled in the TalkMD-live telemedicine program.

–Cost is $4 per MA member per month, payable by Medical Access to TalkMD-live.

  • For MA physicians who choose to use the TalkMD-live platform for patients outside the Medical Access program the costs will vary on use and needs.

–Price is $20 per patient visit for a 20 minute session.  Each 10 minute segment is an additional  $7.  A physician is free to charge and bill other insurance for services rendered.

–Note: a special CPT code is able to be billed (tech fee of $25 per visit) directed at commercial  insurance and Medicare.

–Patient must pay the subscription cost of  $49 per year, plus whatever fees a physician sets for his non Medical Access Customers.




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