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Eliminate Third Parties From Your Exam Room And Office.Third Parties

Sick of struggling with insurance companies and Medicare?  Eager to get back to focusing on providing high-quality care? We can help you get started with a new way to practice which takes insurance companies out of the picture and restores your one-to-one relationship with patients.

What is Medical Access?

Medical Access is a community based model that was designed to provide affordable healthcare at the local level.  Created by a physician FOR physicians – the Medical Access model ensures delivery of excellent care for all Americans in every community. All getstartedtoday-redprimary care physicians can use the Medical Access system.

Medical Access does NOT require you to disregard traditional insurance.  It can be incorporated into the fabric of your current practice.  Medical Access provides an affordable ALTERNATIVE – one many patients are truly in need of another way to receive medical care.

The Medical Access System

The Medical Access system is simple.  We will assist you in converting a portion of your practices patients from a fee-for service model to the Medical Access Direct Primary Care model.

Direct Primary Care (DPC for short) is primary care offered directly by primary care physicians (pediatricians, internists, family physicians) to patients who are not covered by traditional health insurance plans

Patients who are part of Medical Access pay doctors every month to be a part of the physician’s practice.  Your practice’s revenue should increase by 20-100+% upon the full conversion of your patients from fee-for-service to Medical Access.  The Medical Access program does not require billing and coding of invoices to be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement.  Therefore expenses are reduced and the time spent on collections is eliminated.

How Does It Benefit Me?

Medical Access offers many benefits to primary care practices.Slider+Handshake

* Cash flow is improved due to the resulting increase in profitability and the elimination of accounts receivable.  You receive 100% of the money paid by the patient for your services.

*  There is no down coding and reduction in the amount of money that you are reimbursed as there is in the current fee-for-service system.

* Your practice will continue to service those patients with employer sponsored health care coverage, Medicare, and Medicaid.  Medical Access does NOT interfere with those programs.

* Physicians will be paid  to treat EVERYONE, not just those with traditional insurance.  You and your practice are pre-paid by patients without traditional insurance.  You will  increase your patient base immediately.  You decide the course of care for your patients advantages-for-patientswithout third party interference.

Benefits for Physicians:

Medical Access Is The Solution To Your Reimbursement Problems!

Medical Access was  designed by physicians FOR physicians. We have the best antidote for your practice’s problems. Sign up and call us today to receive a free consultation and evaluation of your practice.


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