Our system was created to give you complete access to medical care. Our fees are set up to cover everything that you might need during a visit to your doctor.


You will be enrolled into our program by your primary care physician. At that time, your physician will take your complete medical history and perform a comprehensive physical examination that will fully assess your current health status. Your monthly payment will be based upon your current health status. The monthly fee will fully cover any office visit (i.e. sick visit, lab tests, immunizations) that you might make to your physician. There is no limit on the number of visits you can make within a month. If you are healthy (no risk factors)  and you have used any physician service’s for 3 months, your monthly payment will be reduced.


An extra monthly charge might be assessed if your physician finds that you have the following risk factors: smoking, >50 pounds overweight, history of cardiac problems, drug and alcohol (6 or more drinks a week) use. The extra fee will be waived when your physician feels that the risk factor has been eliminated.



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