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Are you someone who is uninsured, underinsured, self-employed, a small business owner looking for coverage for employees, or a
Medicare / Medicaid patient who needs to meet the “gap”? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Medical Access Direct Primary Care Community Health network is right for you!



Patients select their favorite primary care physician from those available on the community’s foundation site  at Patients can make their appointment for enrollment by the physician. Patients are enrolled on the first visit to their chosen physician. It may be their first opportunity to meet the Physician and his staff.

The first evaluation includes a complete personal medical history and comprehensive physical examination which will include lab work such as blood  and urine testing. At this first meeting, the physician creates a plan for continued care and begins treatment of any problems that are evident. The first visit immediately creates a strong Physician-patient relationship. The physician covers the patient for the rest of the first month there after.


After the first month, the primary care physician provides care for a simple monthly fee. The local community catastrophic risk pool is directly connected through the system and provides coverage for serious illness and emergencies. Full catastrophic care is provided for an additional monthly fee, which varies depending on the patients age, needs and condition. Patients do not need any commercial insurance for back up. Patient personal medical savings are optional and can be changed as needs change. Visit our Estimate My Cost page to learn more.

The monthly fees are paid at the 1st of each month, for each patient. Medical care becomes an ongoing service, like electricity or cable. This fee can be paid by the patient, the employer, or government agencies.


  • Full access to medical care for all Americans and residents
  • Protects the “Doctor-patient relationship”
  • No barriers to care  – no being told by a third-party (insurance company) you can not have certain treatments or procedures
  • More time spent with your physician – unhurried appointments
  • 24/7 phone, fax, and e-mail access
  • No co-pays, no deductibles no co-insurance
  • no limit on visits
  • No prior authorizations required

In order to enroll in our system, please have your physician send an e-mail to Matthew Taber (Chief Operating Officer)


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