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Some hospitals do a better job performing certain procedures or caring for patients with certain conditions. With a little research, you can find the best hospitals in your area that provide the best care for your specific condition or for the procedure you need.

When you go to any Middle Tennessee Foundation hospital, you can be sure that you are getting outstanding care from our team of health professionals. Wherever you go in Middle Tennessee Hospital or Our East Middle Tennessee Hospital, you will see proof of our dedication to our communities in our outstanding facilities. You will see proof of our dedication to our communities in the way we treat you—not like just another patient, but like family.

Middle Tennessee Foundation hospital also has numerous satellite facilities in and around middle Tennessee, serving a large community. East Middle Tennessee Hospital is known for its highly-acclaimed teaching hospital and its groundbreaking efforts in electronic medical records. Its 1,800 physicians see more than 1.2 million patients each year and its hospitals admit more than 65,000 patients. Revenue from operations exceeds $2 billion annually and the Medical Center employs 14,000 full time staff. More than 600 physician scientists in more than 100 laboratories conducted more than $389 million of federally and corporately sponsored research as of 2007

Hospital Website Phone
St. Andrews Medical Center 888-555-1212
East Middle Tennessee Hospital http://somehospitalhere.com/ 615-999-1212

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