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Our Mission

Medical Access for America was created to change the way medical care is delivered in every community in America.  Medical Access for America has created an operating structure for new a network of community run co-op foundations.

MAC of America will provide an organization and a platform for affordable, high quality personal primary care and emergency medical care for everyone.   The system will be supported by a nationwide cloud-computing network.   Each community foundation/co-op will provide full medical services for everyone in the community.

Control for each foundation is fully at the local level.  This public controlled system eliminates paperwork, fraud and barriers to care. Every community deserves a fair, open, efficient medical system for its residents.

The Medical Access system is straight forward, and runs using community effort and control, instead of predatory profit motives.  Medical Access gives an easy, logical model that every community foundation can adapt to their needs.

Insurance companies serve no purpose in this system and are not included.  This system runs parallel to the old system and allows everyone to get care.

No legislation is required and this process can be started now!

Huge savings for all america!

This idea can save $3 trillion for Medicare  without cutting services or reimbursements to doctors and hospitals. The system saves more than $300 billion dollars per year for Medicare alone.  but saving occur all through the entire Medical system.  MedAccess saves even more for Medicaid and other government programs by reduced paperwork and elimination of fraud and down-coding of payments to the practitioners.

Communities and Hospitals will save as everyone will be enrolled.  Professionals from both the hospital and the local risk pool,  will know each other well.  They will work together daily to pay Hospital charges fairly.  the community and the Local board of directors all rely on the local hospital and will want the system to work fairly to keep the hospital solid.

In addition, every primary physicians will run their own efficient “medical home”.  all the energy of the practice can be used for patient care.  Billing and coding will die with “Fee for service” and physicians will save $85,000 per year in decreases billing expenses.

Success of every practice will be based on high quality care, improved range of services, and high patient satisfaction.  Physicians will love the new “smooth practice flow” and ease of care for patients.  Physicians and their office staff will live longer because of reduced stress, without constant efforts to track and code every action and fighting with insurance companies for fair payment.

Every patient gets much more care, with much less cost.  Patients have “ease of access” to their personal physician and his staff with a simplified system and no billing.  Personal help is provided for each patient by the physician and his staff, in the most convenient, safest way possible for each problem, without co-pays or other  “barriers to care”.  Every hospital joins with community physicians to create a community Medical Access foundation that is run by the community – for the community.


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