Medicare and Medicaid Savings

The Medical Access Health Network system is estimated at being able to provide the Medicare and Medicaid programs with $400 Billion in cost-savings. Specifically, these cost-savings are:

Medical Access savings estimate minimum $3,800.00 per Medicare /Medicaid patient per year. Annual Savings
54 million medicare patients x $3,800 $205 Billion
Reduced Paperwork $ 75 Billion
Community utilization review $ 40 Billion
Eliminates billing and coding $ 40 Billion
Eliminates insurance and processor profits, and fraud, decreased fraud and enforcement $ 40 Billion
Minimum Annual Savings $400 Billion



Those who use and provide care under the Medicare and Medicaid program will have the following advantages:

  • Full access to medical care for
  • Medical decisions made by provider (MD, DO, NP, etc) and not an insurance company
  • Eliminates fraud produced by for-profit insurance companies
  • Eliminates billing and coding
  • Greatly reduced paperwork on inpatients and their specialists.
  • Direct payments to primary MDs, monthly for each patient.
  • Reduced complexity of rules and need for enforcement.





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