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History of the Medical Access Plan

The Medical Access Corporation was started by a group of talented and concerned professions with the express mission of changing the way we deliver medical care in America.

The founder of this plan is a physician with 35 years experience in clinical medicine and more than 200,000 patient visits as a civilian.

Dr James served at Tripler AMC and retired as Army Maj. MC. He has wide experience in several different health care delivery systems and in delivering care to large numbers of patients quickly.

He has served in MASH tents in the Army and civilian circumstances. Dr James has 17 years experience in the Triathlon Medical Tents, where medical teams deliver complete recovery care for over 1000 patients in less than 10 hours. Treatment included 2 to 4 units of IV saline for most of them, but no billing or coding to slow down the process.

Dr James has also had 30 years of experience in fighting the insurance system from the inside. In the end however, the insurance companies controlled the system and the game. It is time to change out the system.

MAC of America is armed with great ideas, solid ethics and a dedication to bring honesty and transparency to the medical care system. MAC of America has an innovative program with great new ideas that can do it. We have grown quickly, with the help and encouragement of a great many other professionals. Now we will have a medical system that works for us.

The Community MedPAC

We have also started Community MedPAC @ Linkedin.com. This group will serve as a national organization and political action group to start these community-based programs throughout the country. We do not need to wait! It is time for us to fix this problem.

There is no function that an insurance company performs, that can’t be done by this community-based system.

All we need is:

(1) a community group of patients that need Access to excellent medical care,

(2) doctors who want to make a living


Best of Many Great Ideas

This program takes advantage of the best of several old ideas. These are combined with a whole new concept of using Public Foundations to operate the system. The medical financial accounts are kept IN the community by the foundation in coordination with local bank and credit unions. The program has been designed to be simple and transparent and under control of the patient and doctor together. Simple statements and accounting are provided.

The system provides a platform for physicians to practice a “concierge” type of medical care. Physicians are paid by the month for direct  primary care. Patients can see the physician as frequently as necessary without additional fees. Personal privacy is protected because no bills are sent to insurance companies. Physicians that adopt this program will have a new direct income stream and increased working capital.

The program provides:

  • Full access to medical care for all Americans and residents
  • Program is based on the patient-physician relationship
  • No billing for physicians – visits do not generate a bill
  • Physicians are paid by the month at a fair rate
  • Physicians can have a stable income without billing
  • Reduced cost because of drastically reduced paper work
  • Privacy is assured because no billing to insurance companies
  • No prior-authorizations or referrals required
  • Medical records kept by the physician


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