——————————————————–FOUNDATION STEPS————————-————————————–

1. Recruit 5 people from the community to be a Board of Director (BOD)
(BODs can not work for insurance companies and can not be an MD)

1.2  Recruit 5 people from the community who are physicians to be on physician advisory board (PAB)

2)  Have BOD/PAB meeting
–  discuss and fully explain how our system works
– discuss and go over BOD/PAB bylaws
–  discuss expectations of BOD/PABs
–  demo of our system (via MedAccessUSA)
–  discuss compensation of BOD/PAB members (Steve Compton will write compensation contracts)
– create marketing materials
– explain and teach how to enroll physicians and hospitals into our system


As you can see, there are only two steps. However, these are two VERY IMPORTANT steps.


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