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Medical Access USA was designed to bring affordability to the U.S. healthcare system. Our direct primary care physician (pediatrician, internist, family practitioners, etc), will make sure you receive the most complete and affordable care.

When you initially enroll in Medical Access USA, you pay an initial enrollment fee of $25. From there on out, you will pay a monthly low-cost flat fee of $73.25 per month. This fee will allow you to receive an unlimited amount of visits to your physician. You will not have to pay any co-pays.  The $73.25 per month fee will cover everything that your physician would do during an office visit (well child exam, school physical exam, sports physical exam, well adult physical exam, sick visit). You would have to pay out of pocket or use your insurance for if your physician requires outside labs or x-rays to be done. In addition, you will receive savings on imaging, labs, and prescriptions.  You will have an option to purchase telemedicine services.  Telemedicine allows for you to see a physician via your smart phone or computer where ever you are in the world.

If you are a physician seeking better reimbursement and wish to improve your practice’s cash flow, please fill out this form (click here)  or call 615-669-8347  to learn more



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