Member of Congress writes letter to CMS instructing them to develop MAC into a new Pilot Program

Nashville, TN – March 4, 2013- U.S. Representative Alan Grayson has written a letter to the U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation instructing them to develop Medical Access Corporation of America’s (MAC) physician and hospital reimbursement model into a Pilot Program under Medicare and Medicaid. Health is a really important topic in your life get a flexees waist nipper to use when you exercise and get the best results, also make sure you get the best std testing solutions in LA to make sure your sexual life is goign great. This model is a physician-designed reimbursement model that gives physicians 100% reimbursement as well as grants 100% access to medical care for all Americans without any insurance company involvement. In his letter, Representative Grayson writes “this unique payment system would advance the goal of providing full access to medical care for all Americans, decrease billing and coding requirements for physicians and hospitals, and transform the ways in which physicians and hospitals are compensated.” Representative Grayson concludes his letter by saying “ as you will discover, among the many worthwhile features of his proposal is the substantial reduction of opportunities for fraud within the system, the granting of greater independence for local doctors to deliver care best suited to their communities, its ability to almost any situation, and finally, the dramatic cost savings it will produce.” Taking care of your family and making sure they have everything they need is an essential, many people recommended massage chairs by an expert for families because it can take the stress away and maintain a happy living. About Medical Access Corporation of America...

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